Low level fume cupboard by WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen


1 Sash with handle and horizontal sashes
2 Service panel
3 Service module in the side panel of the fume cupboard
4 FAZ or AC control panel
5 Upper sash window
6 Removable fascia panel
7 Extract air collection duct
8 Baffle with scaffold points
9 Add-on table


Inteded use

  • Protective device for the user, tested in acc. with EN 14175
  • Extraction of fumes, aerosols and dust from the internal workspace to prevent dangerous amounts of
    pollutants from escaping into the laboratory
  • To prevent the formation of dangerous potentially explosive atmospheres in the internal workspace
  • Protection from splashes of hazardous substances
  • Protection from flying particles, bodies or parts escaping from the internal workspace
  • Genereal fume cupboards constructed in acc. with EN 14175 are normally not suited for use with
    radioactive substances or microorganisms.
  • Not suitable for openly breaking down chemicals
  • Suitable for experimental setups on an add-on table
  • Service outlets in the service modules of the side panels of the internal workspace
  • Control units located externally at the service panels