How much energy can a laboratory furniture system use?

WALDNER lab furniture - sustainability

As little as possible. The question of energy balance has been defined differently than ever before since the development of our new laboratory furniture system. Our aim is to make the energy balance in the laboratory more economical and ecological. We have achieved this goal.
Our laboratory furniture system uses less energy when in use. We have optimised the flow of supply and exhaust air in our extractor hoods by reducing energy consumption, whilst keeping the same performance and reliable operation.Our new Secuflow fume cupboard extractor uses 33% less exhaust air than conventional extractors!

The manufacture of SCALA also uses less energy. We have improved many of our manufacturing processes with no impact on our standard of quality. For example, the high-quality coating of our metal components is carried out at a lower temperature and as a result generates fewer emissions. Further energy savings have been achieved by shorter paths in production processes and we have considerably reduced the use of energy-intensive aluminium.

Consequently SCALA lab furniture is not only cost-effective but also environmentally-friendly.