Waldner Holding GmbH & Co.KG and its subsidiaries Hermann Waldner GmbH & Co. KG, Waldner Laboreinrichtungen GmbH & Co. KG and Waldner Labor- und Schuleinrichtungen GmbH are among the leading suppliers of packing machines, process technology, laboratory furniture and furniture for scientific classrooms. The great number of innovations we have been making and the continuous new development and enhancement of our products are always comprehensively including issues of environmental protection. Our employees are regarding both, the economic, profit-oriented development and the environmental protection as a mutual task and are, of course, also living by it.

We are committed to continuously improve our environmental protection. Part of it is raising the awareness for environmental issues among our employees and also permanently controlling all environmental-related processes within the corporation. Furthermore we are taking care of using eco-friendly technologies and materials, are practicing an economical use of natural resources and are also avoiding emissions, waste, noise and sewage.  

In addition we are committed to keep the valid legal standards and other environmental-related requirements with all of our corporate activities. Regular audits within the Waldner group ensure the observance of legal standards and in-house directives on environmental protection.

The corporation’s management is not only checking the environmental policy’s and target’s implementation as well as the environmental management’s efficiency on a regular basis but is also guaranteeing its utilization.